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Pillow Mountain Records

Pillow Mountain Records - how the site used to look...Pillow Mountain Records is a label that only exists to release music involving me. It’s not that I don’t like other people’s music, it’s just that they’d do a better job of selling it than I would.

It only really exists in name, as a brand that sort of lets you in on what to expect, both in terms of the music and the ethos behind it. It’s a back-bedroom-of-a-cottage industry. Fortunately, there’s no size-of-room to greatness-of-music coefficient. Small enterprises are responsible for most of my favourite music :)

It is the mechanism by which I put out my solo CDs, as well as the duo CDs I’ve made with Theo Travis, Jez Carr, Lobelia and Calamateur, all of which I’m immensely proud of.

Anyway, all that’s to say is that Pillow Mountain is me, I am it, so please don’t email me requesting to be signed by the label. No-one’s ‘signed’ to it. Not even me.

I’ve even removed the Pillow Mountain Records website (pictured), as all it did was duplicate info that can be had here.

You can expect more great music on PMR soon – for now, check out all of the releases so far in the Shop

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  • Sugar Bear Trio

    Great to see some one doin” it on their own. Total Respect.Sugar Bear

  • Eliane Chappuis

    please send me your direct e-mailaddress so i can send you my song. thank you

  • Sugar Bear Trio

    Steve, feb 10th was a longtime ago.
    We visited your site referred by O.S. purely for support to you.As usual O.S. does not always no what`s up.
    We have 2 released CD`s With Moiko Records.
    Just stopped by for support and to read your blogs and your perspective on the biz.
    Sugar Bear Trio

  • steve

    I’m assuming you’ve posted this on the Pillow Mountain page due to something to do with releasing music on Pillow Mountain. If you read the page, it says I”m not involved in releasing any music I didn’t play on. The music releasing business just doesn’t work like that for me.

    If you want to send me a link to your music to hear on the web somewhere, please do – and I’ll see if I can find time to hear it, but there is a big backlog of things I’ve been sent to listen to. I sadly can’t listen to all of them and still find time to make my own music and do all the other things that make up my very odd life.


  • steve

    HI SBT – sorry, i should’ve made it clearer that that reply was to the comment after yours – on the page, you can see the way the threaded comments work. I guess with the emails you get through, it wasn’t so clear.

    Your initial comment was and is much appreciated for its encouraging words. :)

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