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I’ve basically given up on mainstream distribution for my music – for a number of reasons, Bandcamp serves you and I way better than me going through the process of submitting all of my music to iTunes, Amazon etc. even before we get to any ethical concerns we may have about the companies…So, to hear everything I’ve done, head to – or better yet, check out the subscription – it’s by far the best value way to get a TON of amazing music, previews of new stuff, new exclusive videos and everything new I release in the coming year… If you like physical things, there’s the USB Stick of Everything!

Here are a selection of recent things to get you started:

Let’s start with my latest solo album:

PS, You Are Brilliant

Then there are the collaborations:

Intersect, with Pete Fraser:

Live So Far, with Lobelia:

FingerPainting, with Daniel Berkman:

Diversion, with Jon Thorne:

Invenzioni, with Mike Outram:



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