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Too hot to do much…

July 24th, 2006 · Comments Off on Too hot to do much…

No, obviously global warming is just a load of made up nonsense. Yup, this being the hottest summer on record is clearly just a fluke. Anyway. it’s far too hot to do anything for long. I’ve been practicing my solo stuff today (next rehearsal with Julie is tomorrow), and working out how to play Blue Planet off the new album, and refreshing my memory on ‘Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins’. Sounding good thus far.

The bad part of practicing is that my office/studio/skip is where the ginger fairly aged feline likes to lie as it’s the coolest room in the house, but he’s really not into me practicing, so he leaves, looking a bit pissed off.

He’s doing remarkably well, considering – I mean, he’s not skipping around like a kitten, but he’s looking better than he was when we came back from the vets not expecting him to last more than a couple of days. if he lasts for more than two weeks, TSP won’t be able to come to Edinburgh with me, and while I’ll miss TSP hugely (not only cos she’s great company, but she’s a wizard with flyering and selling t-shirts and CDs!) I am hoping that the little fella is still around and enjoying life. We’re not going to drag things on when he gets to the point where he’s not enjoying life at all, and aren’t going to put him through any more invasive vet stuff like drips and chemo, but he’s looking pretty good at the moment, so who knows how long he’ll last.

Anyway, I’ve been practicing, sending out CDs, emailing and texting people about Wednesday’s gig, and fielding lots of requests to book Julie and I for cabaret type things at the festival – we’ve really managed to create quite a buzz already! Could end up being the surprise hit of the fringe…

Right, back to learning the songs…

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Very bad news for the fairly aged feline

July 17th, 2006 · 2 Comments

Well, after an eight month miraculous reprieve from the original satsuma-sized tumour in his stomach, it looks like the ginger fairly aged feline is nearing the end. Took him to the vets this morning, and though the cancer indicators in his blood had dropped last monday, he’s been getting more lethargic this week, and today has developed irregularly sized pupils in his eyes – a pretty sure sign, in this case, that the lymphoma has spread to his brain.

So he’s in for half of today on a saline drip, then we bring him home, and make his last wee while as comfortable as possible, taking him in to the vets before he’s in any pain.

We’ve had two miraculous recoveries when we thought we had days left. This time it feels like he’s got no fight left in him. The problem with medication as strong as the ones he’s been on is that you need strength to defend your body from the effects of the meds while the meds are fighting the lymphoma. And he’s got very little strength left.

Still, we’ve had eight wonderful months that we didn’t think we’d have, he’s had another summer of lazing in the garden, enjoying the shade of the trees, and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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A reprieve for the Fairly Aged Feline

June 1st, 2006 · Comments Off on A reprieve for the Fairly Aged Feline

Took the tiny ginger one back to the vets this morning (this time last week, we were warned that he might have to be put down at this point). He’s been much more lively this week than last week, is eating well, and seemed to have bounced back, but we needed a blood test to see what was actually happening.

Miraculously, the creatin levels in his blood are down from 800-and-something to 400-and-something, and his phosphorus levels are down too. So that’s great news. Vet thinks the slump might have been related to his cancer, so gave him a chemo tablet that has no side-effects, and won’t knock his kidneys out like some of the other ones do…

So it’s a reprieve. He’s still, sadly, on the way out, but he’s happy at the moment, getting loads of cuddles and fussin’ and may have a few weeks left with us, God willing.

this is him yesterday…

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cats and websites

May 25th, 2006 · Comments Off on cats and websites

Sorry for big absence from blog-world – two big things have been going on. Firstly, and most tragically, the ginger fairly aged feline has been very unwell. You know about the cancer, which at the moment isn’t showing up the way it was, but he’s now got very serious kidney failure, (creatin level of over 800, which is off the chart), and there’s pretty much nothing they can do. We’ve been trying to get his blood levels settled, but he’s not enjoying the renal food and isn’t really improving anyway, so we’re now pretty much resigned to giving him whatever he wants to eat so he can enjoy his last week or two on earth. It’s a horrible horrible moment to reach – it feels like condemning someone to death, even though there’s no way he’s going to suddenly get better. The will is there to keep fighting for him, but he’s got nothing left to fight with. It’s a dark time in Stevie-Towers.

The second hugely time consuming thing of late is moving my website over to a new server. Copying the stuff over was no problem at all – the Captain took care of that in his usual uber-geek cleverness way – but once there, it became clear that OSCommerce wasn’t going to run on a server running the latest versions of PHP and MySQL (like I know what I’m talking about). So, ’twas time to find a new shopping cart – this time I’ve gone with Zen Cart – it looks quite similar to OSC, but I’m assured by geeks who know that it’s more secure, and much tidier code-wise. I’m almost there, almost completely up to date with the shop – it’ll hopefully go live over the weekend, with advanced order on ‘Behind Every Word’ available, which will include the free download album ‘Lessons Learned From The Fairly Aged Felines (Lessons Learned Pt III)’ – I just need to finish mixing that, zip it up into a zip file with some artwork, and maybe a couple of tracks from ‘Behind Every Word’, and it’ll all be on sale then. I’ll then over the next week or so get Lessons Learned Pt I, Conversations, Open Spaces and It’s Not Gonna Happen up for sale, and hopefully replenish the Street Team Stash with all manner of goodies. Busy time for a bassist cum web designer. :o)

Also, just in, I’ve been booked for an open-air gig in Portsmouth (at least, I’m assuming it’s open air, as it’s for a boat race of some kind, and they generally don’t happen in doors) – I’ll posted the deets as soon as I can.

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Fairly Aged Feline update

April 29th, 2006 · Comments Off on Fairly Aged Feline update

The Fairly Aged Feline, Ginger Edition, has been feeling rather rough of late. After his scary cancer thing at the end of the last year, he’s been on weekly, then monthly chemo, and it had been keeping the tumor (which at the time it was discovered was the size of a satsuma) at bay, so that it was undetectable. He was looking a bit rough yesterday so I took him into the vets on the way to the gig, and found out that his kidneys were both swollen, and an ultrasound showed that they both have tumours in them, which was just about blocking them.

He was given a steroid shot and a different chemo on a drip overnight, and seems to be a lot better than he was yesterday, but it’s still not looking good for the lil’ guy again. So we’re here praying for another feline miracle like the last one, but knowing that he may not be around too much longer. It’s a really horrible thought.

If you’re of a mind that talks to God on behalf of small furry people, please have a word on his behalf.

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Aged Feline Update

February 3rd, 2006 · Comments Off on Aged Feline Update

The ginger fairly aged feline has been up and down health-wise of late – a few weeks back the vet detected his tumor had come back, and so decided to switch chemotherapies to see how he reacted.

Yesterday he was in for the day, for an ultrasound, put on a chemo drip, and kept in overnight. The ultrasound showed that the tumor was once again barely detectible, and the little guy seems to be pretty perky. I’ve just picked him up from the vets and he’s happy to be home. He’s doing great all things considered.

SoundtrackSumitra, ‘Indian Girl’ (lovely singer/songwriter CD from a friend I met in California – will report back more fully when I’ve given it more of a listen).

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