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bass tuition


  • Want to take your bass playing to new places?
  • Struggling for ideas on how (or why!) to practice?
  • Needing inspiration to kickstart your creativity?
  • Just starting out and looking for a way to connect learning the bass to the music you love?
  • Want the inside scoop on how to take your solo playing to the next level?


At the moment, I’m focussing on teaching via Skype/Google Hangout/any other video tech we can get working! Email me now to book a first session. I’ve got a high def audio set up so you get to hear in good quality, and can advise on the best way to get your bass sound into Skype for the lessons.

I’ve been teaching bass since 1992, having taught thousands of students, from total beginners to PhD candidates to globe-hopping rock stars.

I’ve written tuitional columns for Bassist Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine – I currently write the Beginning Bass column for BGM – and have given bass, improv, looping and performance masterclasses at universities and colleges all over the world. I currently teach at Kidderminster College and at BIMM Birmingham.

I’m also give regular live seminars for the subscribers at and am the bass specialist at

Lessons are £40 an hour, or £60 for a two hour lesson.

I (very) occasionally teach a series of bass group-classes in Birmingham, called ‘Beyond Bass Camp’ has more details as well as a series of blog posts about my thoughts on bass teaching.

In the meantime, you might also enjoy the series of blog posts I wrote a while back about my approach to teaching – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

And this podcast from No Treble has some interesting insights:


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  • Tom

    Hi Steve,
    I’m very interested in having some regular lessons with you. I am quite new to the bass but would like to take my playing up a gear, improve technique, begin sight reading, etc. I live in Bromley so you’re only a short train ride away.
    Let me know if you could fit me in for an hour next week.
    Kind regards,

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  • Nathan Toast

    I am interested in playing bass professionally. My group, Shuttle 21, wants me to advance my playing style. Any help will do

  • mike

    how do i contact you to discuss lessons and beyond bass camp events.?

  • Mr. Mosán

    I will be in Lodon in may.

    I would like to have privete class (at evening) of eletric bass.

    Could you help me?


  • AL

    Hi steve
    Great Music,
    How can i arrange a lesson with you?
    also what are you using to get your higher octave sound?? is it a whammy ?

    Many thanks
    All the best

  • Peter Kett

    Hi Steve, we’re Facebook friends. I’m going to be in London (8-17 Jan) visiting the folks for a short while. I’m contemplating a lesson with you. Do you have a phone # that I can call when I get there?
    thanks, Pete.
    I don’t think my folks have internet access, i’m not sure how it works there.

  • Parker

    Hello steve, I read your blog and i am very interested as to how you became a bass teacher. I’ve searched online and couldn’t find anything, so I decided to ask one myself. I’m looking at a few career options at the moment, at I would appreciate it very much if you would get back to me. Thank you,


  • Andrew

    Hey Steve, how would I contact you for lessons. Thanks for you time

  • Andrew

    Hi, could I organise private lessons with you? Thanks Andrew

  • kosmoky

    I am intrested in ur lesson and I will like to have them

  • Huw Phillips

    Hi, I am interested to know if you have any of your teaching material in a book format to buy, all your columns from Bass Player for example. I find your approach to be exactly what I am after.
    Cheers h NYC

    • Steve

      Hi Huw! The only thing I have out at the moment is a compilation of all my pedal/effects columns for Bass Guitar Mag that is available as part of my Bandcamp subscription at – that was a lot of advice about how to use effects, ways of approaching them and thinking about them.

      I’m actually in the process of compiling my Bass Guitar Mag columns (which are now being re-run in Bass Player) into an eBook, which again will be available via the subscription, so it’s probably worth going and checking out what’s there.

      I also do a lot of video tuition for ScottsBassLessons so you may want to have a look at that (there are a couple of courses I’ve taught there, and a large number of archived live seminars!)

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