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Photos from The California Tour

February 16th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Categories: Music News |

Artemis has been collecting together as many photos from the tour as she can, and posting them to her Flickr page. There are some great shots there.

Here’s a selection of them:

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  • Brian Ferrin

    Um, what is that thing the other guy’s playing?


    • Brian Ferrin

      And by thing, I mean that space-age harp looking thing. Not the gourd thing, but while we’re at it, what is that too?

      • Steve

        Hi Brian!

        That instrument is called a Gravikord, and it’s the electric version of the gourd thing, which is called a Kora 🙂

        Daniel’s pretty amazing at both of them, but with the Gravikord, he runs it through a whammy pedal, which he uses like a tremolo arm! His collection of synths, electronic percussion, koras and other stuff (on this tour, he also brought a uke and a sitar-guitar for some of the shows) is amazing, and offers SO many colour possibilities 🙂