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10 Essays – Limited Edition Essays On Postcards

June 18th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Categories: Music News · New Music Strategies |

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this morning that I tweeted asking this:

Tweet Screen Shot requesting one word subjects for essays

One word to write something interesting about – I got loads of fantastic responses including

Chance -::- Timing -::- Serenity -::- Sound -::- Interconnectedness -::- Loss -::- Enlightenment -::- Family -::-  Grace -::- Serendipity -::- Truth -::- Steve -::- Focus -::- Metamorphosis -::- Temperament -::- Humility -::- Creativity -::- Intention

The reason I was asking for them was to give me topics to write lil’ essays to print onto postcards and include with USB Stick orders. I quite like the idea of writing thoughts down and then giving them to individuals to read, share, ignore, contemplate…

The plan is that the next 10 people who order the USB Stick at its standard price (£25 + postage) will get one of them (a different one to each of you) and the next 10 people who pay £30 or more for it will get a set of all 10. That’s it. Only 11 of each being printed.

Here’s what they look like, with the album list postcard on top (just so you can’t read the top one – that’d spoil *everything* :

photo of essay cards

So what now? If you want one, or ten, go and order the USB Stick on Bandcamp 🙂

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  • Roland Tanglao

    just ordered a usb stick for 30 quid plus shipping, hope i made the postcard deal! we met at helsinki at open lab back in 2008 and have been meaning to buy your music ever since. Love to meet u for coffee and/or beer or bevvy of your choice in vancouver some day! …Roland

  • Mum

    Funny? I don’t remember you being so keen to write essays when it was homework. 🙂