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I’ve been telling you a lot about what I’m up to musically of late, but I’ve got some rather talented friends who’ve been busy too, so here’s a quick and incomplete round-up of what a few of them have been doing:

First up there’s Ben Walker – fellow Tuttlist and fab singer-songwriter. He was writing 50 songs in 90 days, a few of which he wrote one Friday morning at Tuttle. One of those was called ‘You’re No-one If You’re Not On Twitter’ – here’s the video, which has been watched almost 300,000 times! (warning – it’s insanely catchy…)

Then there’s Jonatha Brooke – I met up with Jonatha in New York in January and she told me about a record she was about to record, featuring songs with words by Woody Guthrie for which she’s written the music. She was very excited, and I’m really happy to say that finished album shows the excitement wasn’t misplaced. I reviewed the album for this month’s Third Way magazine – It’s a truly exceptional album, and here’s a clip of her teaching Joe Sample (jazz legend, out of the Crusaders) how to play one of the songs:

Uhm, who else now? Seth Horan – solo bassist singer/songwriter, recently toured the UK. He’s doing an interesting thing with the production of his new album, that you can be involved in – here are two blog posts about that: Part 1 and part 2.

Iain Archer has an AMAZING new album out, recorded and released entirely under his own steam. Judging by the record, it was a VERY smart move. Beautiful stuff – check out the tunes from it on his myspace page.

And of course Lobelia – we’ve had some great gigs together of late, and here’s a lovely clip of her playing from the same gig as my ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ Vid’ –

More friends-news coming soon. 🙂

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  • James Stewart

    Thanks. Now have a picture in my head of you pretending to be Bruce Cockburn’s mini-me, singing tunes from the early 70s…

    For those who want to hear Iain play a couple of tunes from that (very good indeed) new record, he’ll be hosting and performing at another Ambridge Acoustic Revue on October 31st:

  • steve

    Thanks James, I should’ve added a link to that anyway. I’ll be there! 🙂

  • Ben Walker

    Naysayers and unbelievers often criticize me for giving away too much help, advice, and information to other musicians. They see my peers as my competition, and with that assumption it’s insane to go around helping them. But there’s no zero-sum game here. All you can do is give!

    You’re always way ahead of me on all this stuff, but I think you’re consistently hitting nails on heads by approaching social media, the internet audience and fellow creators in such a generous way.

    I’m a prime example. Without your advice, chats, stories, introductions (and of course a sprinkling of Tuttle dust) I wouldn’t be the C-list Twitter celebrity I am today. And I don’t have a single conversation about any of this social media stuff with anyone without mentioning your name, then inevitably explaining what you do and why it’s cool. And I never feel like there’s an imbalance of karma. It’s a genuine recommendation that I enjoy making.

    And if the naysayers and unbelievers try to knock me down again, I shall point them to this post: an unprompted piece promoting some people you know. I prove my point, and you get traffic. ;o)

  • steve

    Thanks so much, Ben – I’ve never understood the competitive approach some people have to all this. Surely we all benefit when we ‘share the love’.

    More than happy to point my readers in your direction – it’s a great song, and part of a most entertaining on-going story, of your relationship with music ‘n’ social media…

    Next up, the twitter-gigs 😉

  • Kevin

    I’m a talented musical friend of Steve and I just got back from playing my first solo double bass gig at the London Library, St James.

    Got to play wads o stuff, Pork Pie, Tunisia, Angel Eyes and a Hendrix medley… plus plenty of meaningless blues twiddling.

    Stellar attendees, too many too mention although Tom Stoppard lingered to listen, but Andrew LW looked slightly less impresessed as I attempted to play the whole Blue in Green album.

    Sorry to bogard the thread, but I had to tell someone.