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N96 World Tour starts here!

October 21st, 2008 | No Comments | Categories: Geek |

A few weeks back I was contacted about a project involving the Nokia N96 – the idea was to send one round the world, getting various people to use it, upload video and photos, add apps to the phone itself, leave stuff on it, basically put it through its paces and tell a story… It’s a great fun idea, and I’m the first one to get it! So I’ve got a brand new lovely N96 to play with for a week or so.

You can follow the story by clicking here

Here’s the first video I posted as soon as I opened the case it arrived in:

And of course, you can follow the phone on Twitter

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  • Steve

    I wish someone would give me a nice phone to play with. Despite being an internet addict I’m not really into using it on the move. My mobile is just used for rare calls and texts, so I don’t have a contract and will never get an upgrade. Currently using a second hard Samsung with broken aerial until I can scrounge something better.

    I’d still like a gadget that covered my phone, media playing, GPS and basic camera requirements, but that will have to wait until I have the spare dosh.

    Have fun with the N96

  • Mark

    Your eyes had a look of sheer excitement at having you hands on the N96 – you were practically dancing with it. So romantic. Make phone calls not war.

  • Roland Tanglao

    go steve go! i applied for the program, maybe i’ll get in, and take it on a bicycle ride in vancouver 🙂 !