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two videos of what I've been up to of late…

September 16th, 2008 | No Comments | Categories: Uncategorized |

Here are two videos, both wonderful in their own way, of what I’ve been up to of late…

The first is from Sunday night’s gig with Lobelia in Tooting. Every time we play Love Is A Battlefield, it gets more and more nuts. This time, I’m just using a Line 6 DL4 for the looping, so when I start to really mess it up at the end, everything goes into meltdown. Listen out for Ilicco (who is filming it) joining on on baboon-like beatboxing about 2 mins from the end..

And this is the video that was shown at the final wrap-up of the Nokia Open Lab. There are a few quotes from me in there, along with a whole load of lovely memories, and probably a fairly good representation of what went on over the 3 days…

More thoughts from Open Lab soon. In the meantime, do check out the comments discussion after my first post about the Nokia Open Lab – a really useful discussion with Anne Toole who led the session on Entertainment.

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