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Sustainable Touring Pt 1 – planning a house-concert tour.

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I’ve just written a piece for about Sustainable touring, inspired by an interview on BBC 5Live with Geoff Hickman, the manager of Paris-based band, Televox – here’s the interview, and the video discussion that’s happening off the back of it on Phreadz…

The Music Think Tank post will go live in a few days (they have a new queuing system for new posts, where things get posted at more regular intervals – good idea, perhaps I should learn from that. 🙂 )

I don’t want to pre-empt what I wrote there, but one of the things that I do want to highlight at this point is that Lobelia and I are planning a house concert tour for early December – if you’re interested in hosting one, and are somewhere in or near the Southeast of England, please drop me a line. They are easy to organise, the logistics just being

  • travel,
  • an audience (can be any size),
  • some way of us getting paid (either ticket/donation, guarantee or a sponsor – we can sort that out by email)
  • a date!

For now, if you have any thoughts on the idea of sustainable/eco-touring, please throw them into the comments – would be nice to get your thoughts before mine go live on the MusicThinkTank blog for a change…

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  • Simon Cross

    Steve, genius idea, if I was in the south, I’d host you.

  • Geoffsays

    Very grateful for the link Steve. Bless. Happy gigging tonight! everyone else… check the photo of Lisa in the Phreadz player above. amazing that both Steve and Lisa are able to travel with such little gear. Natural green giggers.

  • BDB

    Obviously I know nuttin about nuttin, but in a weird confluence of interests there was a thing on my cycling podcast the other day about a band called the Jellytots who tour on bicycles.

  • steve

    Simon – I’ll drop you an email, we might be about to snake our way up as far north as you, via a slightly circuitous route 🙂

    Geoff – we’ll talk more about all this soon, for sure!

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