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Lawson/Dodds/Wood – the making of 'Numbers' Pt 1

September 20th, 2008 | No Comments | Categories: Music News |

The download release/CD preorder for the Lawson/Dodds/Wood album ‘Numbers’ is only a day or so away from happening, so last Thursday the three of us got together to record some videos – (gawd bless the Nokia N95!) – talking about the making of the album.

The first of them was an 18 minute chat about the album, which I’ll put up in its entirety on Vimeo at some point, but here’s the first chunk of it on youtube, which is largely me talking about the genesis of the project…

More videos coming very soon…

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  • Kevin


    I think ‘Numbers’ is a terrific title. I’m going to call my album ‘Tunes’.

    Have you bought a boat?



  • steve

    haha – Tunes would be a great name for an album, if indeed the tunes were the heart of the music.

    We could easily have called this one ‘textures’ or all kinds of other things. But when all the tracks are known by the number in which we recorded them, it felt slightly disingenuous to project titles onto them retrospectively. 🙂

    Bought a boat, no – moving onto a boat, yes 🙂

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