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Post-greenbelt. How Was It For You?

August 27th, 2008 | No Comments | Categories: Geek · Musing on Music · Random Catchup |

We’re home from Greenbelt. Will do a proper blow by blow account soon, but for now, a few thoughts on a Qik video (I am as tired as I look in the vid 🙂 )

Please post links to your own Greenbelt blogs, videos & photos in the comments below…

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  • Stumpy

    A great time had by all. Wasn’t a classic Greenbelt, for no particular reason,though still up with the best, but lots of lovely music and people, including mr L’s trio late on saturday night/sunday morning. Also heard first hand from Jonny Birch in Binky’s how he tried to poison you. You have to watch him you know…..

  • bek yip

    yes twas brilliant weekend
    our tenth and i haven’t got a best bit
    it just felt bigger and more relaxed and had more places to stop and chat.
    bek yip

  • Lynne

    I had a great time at Greenbelt this year, and have written about it here (mainly, but not all, about the food options.)

    Every year there are things I really wish I’d been to, but missed. This year: David Dark on the US, the John O’Donoghue tribute, art classes, and Frank Schaeffer – I caught the last ten minutes of his second talk and thought he was amazing. Just as well I can get them online.

    I saw you at the Hub Sandwich and thought you were both great.

  • Linda

    Didn’t go. However, made this:
    All the best to you all who did.

  • BDB

    Luvverley seeing everyone of course. But to be honest the programme was sort of…tame.

  • bigJohn

    its so different doing greenbelt as a volunteer than as a punter, you miss so much in the way of content, and even in your free time, its hard to switch off from your ‘duties’. Though I do miss just hanging and wandering in on stuff and being able to lose myself in the content as much as I used to, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about becoming more involved with the festival. Its just too important to keep for yourself, its got to be shared, and thats why I am so excited about all the new online media stuff thats really starting to buzz regarding GB and those who have it at heart…. my blog at was born out of a meeting at the festival I had with some wonderful folk a few years back.
    Would like to see some bigger acts next year, the return of the big top 2nd stage, and hand over Centaur to the Underground (at least in part). And film or audio everything 🙂