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The randomness of Success..

February 18th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Categories: cool links · Musing on Music · New Music Strategies |

Jeff Schmidt just posted a GREAT blog post entitled “Luck, timing and the randomness of getting BUZZ” – all about some stats re: what creates ‘the buzz’, why do certain artists ‘suddenly break big’ etc.

it’s a great article, and I’ve posted a lengthy response.

Jeff’s blog (here) is a great source of thinking on ‘Music 2.0’, the industry, digital stuff and being a solo bassist – his site makes a great parallel read to this because a) he works in radio, so has a whole other side to his experiences and b) he’s not trying currently trying to do music full-time, so is freed up from the need to think about making money now in his equations, so can dream a little more expansively than those of us who need to make the rent by the end of the month…

(oh, and he’s an amazing musician too – check him out on – and his alter-ego Ruiner Severhead)

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  • Jeff Schmidt

    Thanks for this Steve. I appreciate the linkage and “love”.

    There’s something in this post that you touched on in another post – that being “time”.

    The “time” required to pursue an activity.

    It’s a vital issue. As we all embrace the limitless media-sphere online – we’re finding ENDLESS content -but no more time to enjoy it.

    No more time to create it.

    And no more time to “monetize” it.

    This is something I’ll want to explore further for sure.