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Friday Random 10

September 8th, 2006 | 4 Comments | Categories: Musing on Music |

Here’s today’s list…

Cathy Burton – Speed Your Love (need to get her new album soon)
Tom Waits – Ol’ 55 (what a FANTASTIC song! Not heard this for a while…)
Pat Metheny Group – Second Thought (from Quartet)
Hinda Hicks – If You Want Me (bit of a shock after the last tune! Don’t trust iTunes to generate radio playlists for you…)
Jaco Pastorius – Continuum (now THIS would’ve followed the PMG track perfectly… bloody iTunes)
John Martyn – Looking On (from the double version of Live At Leeds, and this clearly isn’t from the Leeds gig)
Paul Simon – Sure Don’t Feel Like Love (apparently he’s at Wembley soon – will have to find out about tickets…)
Gillian Welch – I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll
Iain Archer – Soul Cries
Evelyn Glennie – Battle Cry (Bonus Mix) (From the album Shadow Behind The Iron Sun, which is incredible – get it!)

another interesting mix of stuffs…

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  • paul

    funny martha by tom is just playing on mine – god he’s good. can you imagine him on main stage next year!

  • Steve Lawson

    Tom Waits at Greenbelt? Would be stunning, but I can’t see it happening unless we build a ramshackle old theatre on site… :o)

    Still, we can always dream!

  • paul

    did you know he has a triple album (how old am i?) on november 20 called ‘orphans’?

  • Steve Lawson

    3 12″ vinyl records?? how exciting! I’ll get the gramaphone out for that :o)

    Looking forward to hearing it, for sure…