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Gig 2 at the fest…

August 9th, 2006 | No Comments | Categories: Music News |

Well, there really is no predicting Edinburgh audiences… after my biggest ever opening night at the fest, we had the smallest audience I’ve ever had at the Fringe last night. How bizarre! In the event, we played very well, entertained our tiny group of music lovers, and got booked for another show as a result (result!), but it was baffling after the interest that’s been shown up til now… it feels like a pretty easy show to sell, and I’ve been out flyering and postering LOADS. I don’t think the posters are quite as effective as mine were last year – the high contrast pic of me holding a bass on a white background told everyone within 20 feet of it that it was a music show. This year’s photo is gorgeous, and definitely gives off the late night mellow jazzy vibe, but only when you look at it, it doesn’t jump out and grab you in the same way.

Still, it’s a great gig, everyone who’s seen it loves it, and we’ve got some tickets sold already for the next few nights. So fingers crossed, it’ll be up from here… :o)

My right knee is causing me all kinds of grief – I think I’ve strained a tendon or something, with all the driving and walking up and down hills and stairs here in this fair city, so I’ve got it bandaged up, and am trying to take regular breaks from all the walking…

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