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new modem/router update…

February 4th, 2006 | 4 Comments | Categories: Random Catchup |

OK, this is weird – while the wireless connection is working just great, I can’t seem to hook up to the internet via the Ethernet port at all! The networking thingie on my mac tells me that I’m connected up and it’s all cool, but I can’t even access the web-editor in the modem itself via ethernet, let alone the web!

Any ideas on what it might be will be gratefully received – I can’t do the update to my looperlative until I get it working!

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  • Christian

    Wait a second� you have a Mac now? Congratulations 🙂

    Have you verified that you are getting an IP address that makes sense?

  • Steve Lawson

    My provider gives a fixed IP and DNS numbers, so I’ve put those in – the Wireless is connecting just fine… the weird thing is just the Ethernet – are you on skype or MSN/AIM, Christian? Lemme know, and we’ll talk! 🙂

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