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now I have to learn to play them…

July 17th, 2005 | No Comments | Categories: Uncategorized |

The latest addition to the musical menagerie here –

Yup, congas – I’m a big fan of hand percussion – it’s quieter and generally more versatile than a drum kit (actually, drum kits have the potential to be hugely versatile, it’s just that most drummers play them in gruesomely unimaginative ways…) – so when The Shark offered to give me her Congas when moving to the US, I jumped at the change to get me some banging things! God knows where they are going to live, but I’m going to have to find out the proper way to hit them, and work them into some looped loveliness… And I’m sure Orphy will be more than happy to bash them when he comes round to play!

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